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Each person can decide how to approach a divorce case

Some changes in life are unavoidable, and many Oklahoma residents may feel as if they had no part in those changes coming about. While it may seem as if they had no say in the situation, they can control how they react to it and how they handle it. Remembering this idea may be particularly helpful to individuals who may have felt shocked when a spouse filed for divorce.

Certainly, the news that a spouse wants to end the marriage can be shocking, but both parties have the ability to handle the news in the manner they see fit. If the ending of the relationship makes individuals feel out of control, they may want to remember that they can take control of how their cases move forward. They can gain information relating to divorce, child custody, support payment and other aspects that may come up during their proceedings.

Bankruptcy trustees handle many aspects of Chapter 7

When working toward debt relief, Oklahoma residents will have a number of people involved in their cases. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a significant step, and in order to complete the process successfully, individuals taking this route will need to work with bankruptcy trustees. These parties have a vital role in handling aspects of these cases.

After a petition for Chapter 7 is filed, a trustee is randomly assigned to a case. This is an unbiased party who will have no personal stake in the outcomes of the bankruptcy case. The trustee will review the bankruptcy petition and other related documents to ensure that the information is correct, and he or she will also look for any signs of fraud. Ensuring the correctness of the information could prevent issues later.

Oklahoma man facing murder accusation after woman's death

Facing an accusation for a serious crime can mean that a person's life will revolve around almost nothing but that accusation. An individual may be held in custody, face formal charges and have to go through a trial in order to address the allegations brought against him or her. Cases of murder are among the most serious that can take place.

It was recently reported that one man in Oklahoma was taken into custody in connection with the death of a woman. Apparently, police officers were called after a shooting occurred, and when they arrived at the reported site, they discovered a woman who had suffered a gunshot wound. Details were not given in the report regarding the location of the wound. Still, she succumbed to the injury after being transported to an area hospital.

Modifying child support after divorce

Once the dust settles after a divorce, many parents find that their child support order does not match their child's needs or their ability to make payments, which may necessitate changing a child support order. Courts understand that the circumstances of supporting parents often change, as do the needs of a child as they grow. Hence, the courts may agree to modify a custody order after reviewing evidence that a change is needed.

If you believe that a modification to your child support order is a good fit for your needs, it is important to work through the proper channels to make this change. Some parents attempt to work out adjustments to child support without going through the court, which places them in serious legal danger. It is wise to work within the law toward the support modification you need.

Woman likely preparing criminal defense after arrest

It is common for heated situations to escalate. Some people may feel as if they need to take drastic actions when their emotions are running high, but unfortunately, not fully thinking through those actions may leave those individuals facing serious consequences, like criminal charges. Of course, with any type of formal allegation, parties have the right to a criminal defense.

One woman in Oklahoma is certainly hoping to find the best way to handle her case after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the woman was at a skating rink when she got into an argument with a man. Allegedly, the woman attempted to hit the man's wife with a pair of roller skates, which prompted the management of the establishment to call authorities and tell the individuals to leave.

Getting started with Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Struggling with financial problems can cause a myriad of emotions. Some people may feel embarrassed by their money issues, and others may feel as if they have failed due to ending up in this difficult position. However, overwhelming debt can affect anyone, and rather than being embarrassed, Oklahoma residents may instead want to find their best options for getting back on track. For some, that may include filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Many people consider this option more seriously after exhausting other debt relief avenues. Still, it can be helpful to those who cannot get their finances handled on their own. Of course, parties will need to qualify for this type of bankruptcy, and that qualification includes passing a means test, which involves determining whether a person's income is more than the median range of the state's overall income levels.

The best child custody arrangement may not mean co-parenting

People and their lives can change significantly over time. There are many milestones that Oklahoma residents and those elsewhere reach in their lives, including getting married and having children. Of course, many married parents also choose to divorce, and as a result, they need to determine what child custody arrangements will work best for their kids.

Wanting to co-parent is an admirable desire, but it is important to remember that it may not be one that suits the reality of the situation. In some cases, parents cannot get along well enough to co-parent or one parent may present issues that could make the arrangement infeasible. For instance, if one parent is incarcerated, co-parenting is not a viable option because that parent does not have the ability to care for the children as needed.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy accounts for exempt property

When struggling financially, many Oklahoma residents may feel as if they will be trapped forever. Even though assistance options, like bankruptcy, are available, many people choose to forgo such help because they believe only more negative repercussions will occur. However, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can assist many qualifying individuals get back on track.

Though Chapter 7 bankruptcy does involve liquidating assets, it does not mean that the process will result in an applicant losing all of his or her assets in order to pay off debts. In fact, there are stipulations for exempt property that help prevent that exact scenario. For instance, a person may be able to keep a vehicle, clothing, furniture, some home equity, unspent Social Security payments, tools for a trade and assets in retirement accounts.

Troubling personality traits may contribute to divorce

No one is perfect. Though many Oklahoma residents know that everyone has flaws, it is common for people to overlook those flaws when they are in love. However, over time, troubling personality traits can cause major issues within a marriage, and as a result, individuals may find themselves considering divorce.

Though a number of personality traits can seem annoying, some can cause more problems in a relationship than others. For example, people with selfish personalities often only think of themselves. As a result, the other person in the relationship may start to feel useless and that person's needs likely are not being met. While most people can be selfish from time to time, this behavior can be detrimental to a relationship if it is continuous.

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