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Man, woman facing drug charges after Oklahoma traffic stop

Finding the best way to handle trouble relating to criminal activity can be challenging. If individuals are facing drug charges, they may worry that they will not come out of the situation in a favorable light. Fortunately, anyone charged with any type of crime has the ability to defend against those allegations.

Two Oklahoma residents may be hoping to find the best ways to approach their cases after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the two were in a vehicle that a police officer stopped for an undisclosed reason. During the traffic stop, the officer and his K-9 reportedly discovered heroin inside the vehicle. There were apparently used syringes, spoons and two syringes that allegedly contained the substance.

Worried that bankruptcy may ruin credit?

The idea of reaching such a difficult financial point that individuals are afraid to answer the phone due to possible creditor calls can be harrowing. Unfortunately, numerous people in Oklahoma do face this type of fear because their debt has reached a substantial point. The reasons that their debt reached this point vary, but bankruptcy is one option that has proven successful in helping address outstanding debt.

Though some people may know that bankruptcy could help them, they may put off filing because they worry that the process will do more harm than good. For instance, they may think that bankruptcy will get rid of their current debt but leave them unable to get loans in the future. However, that does not have to be the case. Though bankruptcy can result in a decline in credit scores and will remain on a credit report for years, consumers can work to address that issue.

Picking battles may help a divorce go more smoothly

When Oklahoma residents find themselves in a tough spot, they may hope that they can get through the ordeal as quickly and easily as possible. For some, this hope may be present while they go through a divorce. Certainly, ending a marriage is a difficult process to complete, but some parties may want to focus on helping it along as best as possible.

One issue that can drag out a divorce case is when the parties involved fight over every decision made. If a person wants to complete the process as quickly as possible, it may be better to pick one's battles during this time. Standing one's ground can certainly have a time and place during marriage dissolution, but it could become problematic if a person feels the need to block every attempt at negotiating simply to try to get everything.

Alcohol consumption is a big problem for teens on the road

The risks that present themselves on the road can come from many different sources. Your own behaviors and physical state can create dangers on the road, but adverse weather conditions and even the time of day can also have an influence.

If you want your children to stay safe when using the roads and if you want to help them avoid legal changes in Oklahoma, you should educate them on the law. By making sure that they understand the consequences of their actions, you should be able to deter your children from making stupid mistakes.

Drunk driving charges leveled against wrong-way driver

Consuming alcohol is an activity that many people participate in. Some may only have one or two drinks while socializing with friends, and others may drink more regularly. Of course, anyone could end up facing charges for drunk driving if an officer conducts a traffic stop and believes that a driver is impaired.

One woman in Oklahoma is facing such a predicament after she reportedly drove the wrong direction. Apparently, officers received reports of a wrong-way driver who was traveling west in the eastbound lanes of the road. Officers presumably conducted a traffic stop, and the woman alleged stated that she was not trying to drive the wrong way. Officers also saw that there were two children in the car at the time, and neither was restrained.

Each person can decide how to approach a divorce case

Some changes in life are unavoidable, and many Oklahoma residents may feel as if they had no part in those changes coming about. While it may seem as if they had no say in the situation, they can control how they react to it and how they handle it. Remembering this idea may be particularly helpful to individuals who may have felt shocked when a spouse filed for divorce.

Certainly, the news that a spouse wants to end the marriage can be shocking, but both parties have the ability to handle the news in the manner they see fit. If the ending of the relationship makes individuals feel out of control, they may want to remember that they can take control of how their cases move forward. They can gain information relating to divorce, child custody, support payment and other aspects that may come up during their proceedings.

Bankruptcy trustees handle many aspects of Chapter 7

When working toward debt relief, Oklahoma residents will have a number of people involved in their cases. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a significant step, and in order to complete the process successfully, individuals taking this route will need to work with bankruptcy trustees. These parties have a vital role in handling aspects of these cases.

After a petition for Chapter 7 is filed, a trustee is randomly assigned to a case. This is an unbiased party who will have no personal stake in the outcomes of the bankruptcy case. The trustee will review the bankruptcy petition and other related documents to ensure that the information is correct, and he or she will also look for any signs of fraud. Ensuring the correctness of the information could prevent issues later.

Oklahoma man facing murder accusation after woman's death

Facing an accusation for a serious crime can mean that a person's life will revolve around almost nothing but that accusation. An individual may be held in custody, face formal charges and have to go through a trial in order to address the allegations brought against him or her. Cases of murder are among the most serious that can take place.

It was recently reported that one man in Oklahoma was taken into custody in connection with the death of a woman. Apparently, police officers were called after a shooting occurred, and when they arrived at the reported site, they discovered a woman who had suffered a gunshot wound. Details were not given in the report regarding the location of the wound. Still, she succumbed to the injury after being transported to an area hospital.

Modifying child support after divorce

Once the dust settles after a divorce, many parents find that their child support order does not match their child's needs or their ability to make payments, which may necessitate changing a child support order. Courts understand that the circumstances of supporting parents often change, as do the needs of a child as they grow. Hence, the courts may agree to modify a custody order after reviewing evidence that a change is needed.

If you believe that a modification to your child support order is a good fit for your needs, it is important to work through the proper channels to make this change. Some parents attempt to work out adjustments to child support without going through the court, which places them in serious legal danger. It is wise to work within the law toward the support modification you need.

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