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Willingness to work with other parent can impact child custody

Having children is a highlight of many Oklahoma residents' lives. However, having children can also complicate certain situations, such as going through a divorce. Fortunately, parents can work to understand their options for child custody and how they can do their part to reach the outcomes they desire.

Though it may be difficult, being willing to work with the other parent is commonly beneficial. The court typically looks more favorably on parents who are willing to work together to care for the children and to reach the most appropriate custody arrangement. If a parent does not want to work with his or her ex and does not have a valid reason for this unwillingness, the court may actually side against that parent.

Financial mistakes to avoid during a divorce

It is no secret that divorce is expensive, but because the process of getting a divorce can be so emotional, many people end up making poor financial decisions along the way. The combination of an expensive divorce and poor financial decisions can send you into the red pretty quickly. This is why it is a good idea to examine some of the common pitfalls others have succumbed to and create a financial plan that is specific to your situation.

According to a recent Forbes article, several common financial mistakes people make during a divorce include:

  • Fighting to keep the marital house regardless of the cost
  • Quitting a job to avoid paying alimony
  • Cashing in investments to pay bills
  • Forgetting the tax implications of taking money from a retirement plan
  • Forgetting the tax implications of alimony
  • Making unnecessary purchases

When a holiday shopping trip leads to shoplifting charges

Over this upcoming Black Friday and the rest of the holiday shopping season, many people here in Oklahoma will be coming home with great deals. However, if a person is accused of shoplifting during his or her holiday shopping, he or she could instead be coming home with something that could have major negative impacts on his or her life: A criminal charge.

Most of the time, shoplifting charges are misdemeanor charges here in Oklahoma. Under state law, shoplifting is a misdemeanor offense when the amount of goods stolen is less than $1,000.

Does failing a breath test immediately indicate a DUI conviction?

After partying with friends or celebrating with coworkers, you choose to drive home after drinking. Though you thought you would prove under the legal limit, after an officer pulled you over on a DUI suspicion, you breathalyze over .08% BAC. You may believe you cannot possibly avoid the serious punishments a DUI conviction can bring in Oklahoma.

Criminal defense attorneys have years of experience defending DUI charges due to breathalyzer evidence. Many individuals do not know that multiple defenses exist that may alleviate the possibility of a conviction. It is essential, however, that when dealing with breathalyzer evidence and a potential DUI, you hire a knowledgeable, aggressive attorney willing to fight for your right to try to avoid penalties.

License suspension and IID consequences for DUI in Oklahoma

Drinking and driving can come with serious consequences, and you certainly hope to avoid finding yourself facing charges for such an offense. Of course, anyone can make mistakes or even face a wrongful allegation, and you may end up in a predicament where you must defend against the charges or face sentencing.

The types of consequences that could take place after a conviction for DUI depend on the circumstances of the situation. If you face a conviction for a first-time charge, the punishment would differ from that of a second-time or additional charge. From license suspension to ignition interlock devices to jail time, you may want to know what you could possibly have to contend with if ever in this situation in Oklahoma.

Second offense DUI brings serious consequences

Of all the places to face an arrest for drunk driving, Oklahoma is one of the harshest. Ranking among the top states for strict penalties, Oklahoma takes DUI seriously, and your concerns for your future are well founded. In fact, Oklahoma is one of only a handful of states where a second DUI charge within the lookback period is an automatic felony. The lookback period in Oklahoma is ten years.

If you are facing a second or subsequent charge of driving under the influence within the past ten years, you have a lot at stake. You would be wise to seek legal counsel to see what options are available to minimize the penalties you may face.


What's going to happen? Testing positive or failing to take the test can be a probation violation, result in a jail sanction or possibly derail any deals you have in place. There is no way to know how long a certain drug stays in your system. Scroll down for the common guidelines.

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