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Appearance an important aspect of child custody hearings

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2018 | Family Law |

Going through a divorce may put many people in the position of having to go to court for the first time. In particular, parents may have to go through formal court hearings in order to resolve child custody matters. It can often be intimidating to go through such proceedings, and it is important for Oklahoma parents to present themselves properly to the court.

As part of that presentation, parents need to pay attention to how they dress. Their appearance could impact how a judge views them, and first impressions are often vital. Parents can often benefit from appearing put together and responsible when they come to court. This may mean having to venture out of one’s normal comfort zone when it comes to appearance, such as removing an unusual piercing, covering tattoos and utilizing a natural-looking hair color.

Their clothing can also play a major role in how they appear to the court. Parents may do well to avoid articles of clothing like short skirts, open-toe shoes, excessively tight clothing and sleeveless shirts. Collared, long-sleeved shirts and dark suits or dresses often come across as favorable court attire.

Some individuals may think that their parenting skills should be looked at more closely than their appearances, and while that may be true, presenting oneself to the court is still an important part of child custody hearings. The way a person looks and acts in the courtroom could greatly influence the judge’s decisions. In order to find other ways to help themselves during their cases, Oklahoma parents may want to consult with their legal counsel.