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Willingness to work with other parent can impact child custody

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | Family Law |

Having children is a highlight of many Oklahoma residents’ lives. However, having children can also complicate certain situations, such as going through a divorce. Fortunately, parents can work to understand their options for child custody and how they can do their part to reach the outcomes they desire.

Though it may be difficult, being willing to work with the other parent is commonly beneficial. The court typically looks more favorably on parents who are willing to work together to care for the children and to reach the most appropriate custody arrangement. If a parent does not want to work with his or her ex and does not have a valid reason for this unwillingness, the court may actually side against that parent.

It is also wise for parents to present themselves appropriately to the court. Custody proceedings can become contentious, and one parent may make negative and untrue statements about the other. This type of scenario can be difficult to face, but if the other parent takes the time to appear put-together, to behave appropriately in court and to present a strong case that demonstrates his or her true character, the false remarks may not hold much weight.

Child custody proceedings can be stressful and emotional. Because of the importance of the outcomes, Oklahoma parents will certainly want to prepare for their cases as best as possible. Their preparation may include discussing their options with knowledgeable attorneys to determine how to best approach their cases and to gain information on how state law could affect their outcomes.