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Why the start of a new year is a popular time for divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Family Law |

The last few months of the year can be a busy time for most families. Starting with back to school time and continuing through Thanksgiving and right up to the new year. You may be planning family get-togethers, attending work holiday parties or busy getting kids to athletic practices or activities. But once January rolls around, it seems like life slows down a little bit and you have time to look forward to the year ahead. This can typically be a prime time to do something you may have been thinking about for a long time, file for divorce.

Why now?

The first quarter of the year has become such a popular time for divorce it has even earned the nickname “divorce season” in some circles. Maybe it has something to do with the resolutions you made and creating a whole new you. It could be because you just spent the holiday season around your spouse and other family members and have come to the solid conclusion you are not in the right situation. Others wait until January because of the kids. People do not want to disrupt the holiday season by being away from the kids. It can also be confusing to the children to suddenly live at two different homes during a time that is usually when the family is all together.

Season of divorce

The most frequent times for divorce filings in the new year have been the first Monday of the new year and the last Monday of January when the doldrums of a dreary winter make people desire for change. With the holidays over, many also feel they can get through the divorce since they may not be around family again for a while and can break the news to them down the road. The next big divorce push comes around March when spring brings a renewed sense of hope and new beginnings.

How popular is divorce in the new year? Divorce filings increase by around 27 percent in January compared to the rest of the year and data from online search engines reveal that people searching for information about divorce rises to as high as 50 percent in December.

If you have been thinking about divorce a lot more lately, it may be time to speak to a family law attorney who will be an advocate for you during this process.