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Troubling personality traits may contribute to divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | Family Law |

No one is perfect. Though many Oklahoma residents know that everyone has flaws, it is common for people to overlook those flaws when they are in love. However, over time, troubling personality traits can cause major issues within a marriage, and as a result, individuals may find themselves considering divorce.

Though a number of personality traits can seem annoying, some can cause more problems in a relationship than others. For example, people with selfish personalities often only think of themselves. As a result, the other person in the relationship may start to feel useless and that person’s needs likely are not being met. While most people can be selfish from time to time, this behavior can be detrimental to a relationship if it is continuous.

Another personality trait that could make relationships more tumultuous is catastrophizing. This trait involves a person making a big deal out of relatively minor issues. For instance, if a spouse forgets to run an errand, the person with this personality trait may make it seem like this small act of forgetfulness is ruining the relationship. In reality, it may be the catastrophizing that is causing the most problems.

Though these and other difficult personality traits may not lead directly to divorce themselves, they can certainly contribute. The issues that stem from these traits can cause marriages to become hostile and unhealthy. If Oklahoma residents feel that their marriages are no longer harboring loving and healthy feelings, they may want to gain information on options for dealing with their situations.