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The best child custody arrangement may not mean co-parenting

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Family Law |

People and their lives can change significantly over time. There are many milestones that Oklahoma residents and those elsewhere reach in their lives, including getting married and having children. Of course, many married parents also choose to divorce, and as a result, they need to determine what child custody arrangements will work best for their kids.

Wanting to co-parent is an admirable desire, but it is important to remember that it may not be one that suits the reality of the situation. In some cases, parents cannot get along well enough to co-parent or one parent may present issues that could make the arrangement infeasible. For instance, if one parent is incarcerated, co-parenting is not a viable option because that parent does not have the ability to care for the children as needed.

Co-parenting will also not work if one parent attempts to alienate the other or tries to turn the kids against the other parent. These actions can significantly damage parent-child relationships, and it clearly shows that one parent is not willing to work with the other for the good of the children. As a result, co-parenting together would undoubtedly not prove to be the best option.

Though strong emotions during a divorce can make a parent want to fight for sole custody, it is important to look at child custody arrangements from a logical perspective. If having both parents in their lives is a realistic and likely beneficial option for the kids, Oklahoma parents may want to keep co-parenting and joint custody in mind. However, if parents believe that such arrangements could be detrimental to the children, considering other arrangements may be more fitting.