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Woman likely preparing criminal defense after arrest

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

It is common for heated situations to escalate. Some people may feel as if they need to take drastic actions when their emotions are running high, but unfortunately, not fully thinking through those actions may leave those individuals facing serious consequences, like criminal charges. Of course, with any type of formal allegation, parties have the right to a criminal defense.

One woman in Oklahoma is certainly hoping to find the best way to handle her case after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the woman was at a skating rink when she got into an argument with a man. Allegedly, the woman attempted to hit the man’s wife with a pair of roller skates, which prompted the management of the establishment to call authorities and tell the individuals to leave.

After getting into her vehicle, the woman reportedly drove in the direction of three people and struck two of them. It was unclear whether those individuals were the same ones with whom she had been in the previous altercation. Authorities stated that the woman was under the influence of alcohol, but it was unclear what led to this conclusion. Nonetheless, she is currently facing charges for DUI injury accident, assault with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an injury accident.

These allegations could have a substantial impact on this Oklahoma woman’s future if her case does not have a favorable outcome. Fortunately, she can make the effort to present a meaningful criminal defense if she wishes to do so. Obtaining information about her predicament and the legal proceedings ahead may help her better prepare.