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Alcohol consumption is a big problem for teens on the road

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2019 | DUI |

The risks that present themselves on the road can come from many different sources. Your own behaviors and physical state can create dangers on the road, but adverse weather conditions and even the time of day can also have an influence.

If you want your children to stay safe when using the roads and if you want to help them avoid legal changes in Oklahoma, you should educate them on the law. By making sure that they understand the consequences of their actions, you should be able to deter your children from making stupid mistakes.

Zero tolerance laws

When a driver is over the age of 21, they are permitted to drive with some alcohol in their system. However, they will be charged with a DUI if they are found by law enforcement officials to have a blood alcohol percentage (BAC) over 0.08%.

Drivers under the age of 21 are subject to different laws when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol. If any alcohol is found to be in a driver’s system when they are under the age of 21, they will be charged with a DUI.

A surprising amount of young people reportedly drive after consuming alcohol. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service found that in 2010, 15.1% of 18- to 20-year-olds reported driving under the influence of alcohol. It is important that you talk to your children about the risks and make sure that you put provisions in place to prevent the mix of alcohol and driving.

The most dangerous times to be on the road

Certain times of the year are viewed to be more dangerous for teens on the road. The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is said to be the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. In addition, the Fourth of July holiday period is known to be the most dangerous time of the year for young drivers across the United States.

If you believe that your child has been driving under the influence of alcohol in Oklahoma, you should do what you can to prevent them from repeating their unlawful actions. You should also try to learn more about the consequences of teenage DUIs.