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Child custody often a concern during and after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Family Law |

Having children can bring many ups and downs to any Oklahoma resident’s life. Though the joys of parenting often outweigh the struggles, some situations can be more complicated due to the fact that children are involved. For instance, parents who go through divorce will have child custody issues to face that those without children do not.

Custody concerns bring an additional element to ending a marriage. Not only do parents typically have concerns about the terms of the custody agreement, but they usually also have worries about how their children will handle the situation overall. In many cases, kids can benefit from being let in on what is happening in age-appropriate ways. This discussion can help children understand that they are not the reason for the divorce, but exact details about why the marriage is ending are usually not needed.

In addition to not letting children in on every marital issue, parents may want to avoid any negative talk about the other parent in front of the children. Certainly, emotions can run high during and after divorce, and if a parent feels hurt, he or she may want to lash out about the other party. However, children do not always understand why this is happening, and they may feel as if they should resent the other parent as well.

Child custody during and after divorce can be tricky. Each family is different, so the terms of these agreements and the schedules that parents make differ depending on those dynamics. If Oklahoma parents have concerns about the best way to approach custody for their children, they may want to discuss their options with knowledgeable family law attorneys.