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Man, woman facing drug charges after Oklahoma traffic stop

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Finding the best way to handle trouble relating to criminal activity can be challenging. If individuals are facing drug charges, they may worry that they will not come out of the situation in a favorable light. Fortunately, anyone charged with any type of crime has the ability to defend against those allegations.

Two Oklahoma residents may be hoping to find the best ways to approach their cases after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the two were in a vehicle that a police officer stopped for an undisclosed reason. During the traffic stop, the officer and his K-9 reportedly discovered heroin inside the vehicle. There were apparently used syringes, spoons and two syringes that allegedly contained the substance.

When questioned, the two purportedly stated that they were from out of state, but that was determined to be false information. The officer stated that the suspects also provided conflicting information on how long they knew each other and where they were going. The man and woman were taken into custody on charges for heroin possession. It was noted that they were both also facing previous drug charges.

These Oklahoma residents may feel at a loss as to how they should handle the drug charges brought against them. However, they do not have to feel as if they do not have options. In fact, it may allow them to feel better about their cases if they obtain information and assistance from local legal resources about their specific charges. It is also wise to remember that the man and woman both have separate cases and can make different choices about how to handle them.