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Car chase leaves Oklahoma man in need of criminal defense

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

The manner in which a person chooses to handle criminal charges can depend on many factors. Because no two cases are alike, even individuals in similar situations can have vastly different criminal defense options available to them. For this reason, it is wise for any accused person to closely assess his or her options before making any decisions.

One man in Oklahoma may want to take such action as the first steps of his pending case. According to reports, authorities attempted to pull the man’s vehicle over after suspecting that the driver had been involved in a carjacking. However, instead of stopping, the man purportedly sped off and led authorities on a chase. The speed of the chase reached approximately 100 mph.

The report indicated that the driver allegedly tried to run one trooper off the road during the chase. It was unclear what distance the chase went, but it came to an end after authorities utilized tire spikes, which the driver ran over. Though officers suspected the man to have been involved in a carjacking, it was determined that he was not, but the report indicated that he did have warrants for his arrest. The man is expected to face charges.

Though the specific charges against this man were not detailed in the report, it is still wise for him to begin considering his criminal defense approach. He should be among the first to know the exact allegations against him, and gaining information on those charges may help him make better decisions regarding his courses of action. It can be overwhelming to consider handling a criminal case, but he may wish to remember that he can reach out for reliable information and support from local Oklahoma legal resources.