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Man charged with driving under the influence after fatal crash

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Being involved in a car accident is a difficult situation. When the crash results in a fatality, the event can become even more difficult for the driver considered at fault. Unfortunately, additional complications can arise if officers also believe that a driver was under the influence and charge him or her with DUI.

One man in Oklahoma is currently dealing with this type of ordeal. According to reports, the man was driving a tractor-trailer when he allegedly made a left turn in front of another vehicle. The vehicle crashed into the rear of the trailer as a result. It was noted that there were three individuals in the car that hit the trailer, and all three individuals suffered injuries.

The driver of the car and a passenger both suffered critical injuries, and another passenger suffered injuries that proved fatal. She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital the day after the incident. The truck driver was allegedly under the influence of marijuana and methamphetamine at the time of the crash, and as a result, he is currently facing charges for DUI and manslaughter.

Facing criminal charges after a fatal car accident can leave anyone feeling unsettled. This man will undoubtedly want to find his best options for defending against the charges for driving under the influence and manslaughter that have been brought against him. It may seem impossible to find a way out of such a predicament, but anyone accused of a crime has legal rights. This man may want to reach out to local Oklahoma legal resources for information and support during this time.