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Oklahoma man will undoubtedly want to defend against DUI charge

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Accusations of driving while intoxicated have the potential of affecting a person’s life for a long time. Of course, simply being accused does not mean that a person is guilty. Anyone facing a DUI charge has the opportunity to defend against the accusations in efforts to work toward a favorable result.

One man in Oklahoma may soon be exploring his defense options after recently being taken into custody. Supposedly, two highway patrol officers stopped the man for driving erratically, and during the traffic stop, they noticed that he had a baby in the back seat of his pickup truck. It was not mentioned whether the baby was properly restrained, and the driver reportedly did not know that the baby was in the truck. One officer called for an ambulance to check the baby as a precaution, and the other officer placed the man under arrest.

It was noted that the man kicked the windshield of the police vehicle and caused it to crack. He was taken into custody on charges for DUI and other allegations. It was reported that the mother of the baby took the child. Additional information on the incident was not given in the report.

This Oklahoma man may feel disheartened by the fact that he is facing a DUI charge. However, his case has barely begun, and he has the opportunity to defend against the allegations as he sees fit. It may benefit him to go over his criminal defense options thoroughly to determine what courses of action may prove most useful to his case.