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Fighting back when your ex tries to alienate you from the kids

On Behalf of | May 19, 2020 | Family Law |

It may be the worst-case scenario in a divorce for a parent who loves their children. You show up to get your kids from your ex, only to have your ex tell you you can’t have them. Maybe they go so far as to claim that the kids don’t want to see you. Perhaps they won’t even open the door, or they might call you to tell you not to bother coming over to pick up the kids. 

Suddenly, you’re a stranger in the lives of your own children and struggling to find a way to connect with them, despite having your parenting time outlined in a custody order. Although it is not particularly common, parental alienation does occur in some divorces and can have lasting consequences for the children and parents in the families where it occurs.

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation involves one parent intentionally interfering in and undermining the relationship of the other parent with the children in the family. It is common for parental alienation to involve denied visitation or communication. 

However, parental alienation can also involve one parent intentionally talking poorly about the other to make the children resent or dislike that parent. The courts typically disprove of attempts at parental alienation, which means that once you document it, you can ask for their help. Keeping notes of when your ex denied parenting time and text messages or emails can help prove your claim. 

There are multiple ways in which the court may address parental alienation and thereby protect your relationship with your kids. Find out more about your legal options today.