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Adversarial divorces involving narcissists are complex

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Family Law |

Trying to work through a divorce is a lesson in patience for anyone, but it can be downright maddening if you’re dealing with a narcissistic ex. The issue that you’re going to deal with is that your ex will try everything in their power to make your life more miserable and to make the divorce as contentious as possible.

A narcissist isn’t able or willing to consider anything other than own desires and feelings. Because of this, they can’t compromise. This often knocks mediation and similar collaborative divorce options out of the list of possibilities. More than likely, you’ll end up needing to go through a trial to legally end the marriage.

Your ex may try to use going through a trial as a way to harm you. They may realize that you want the marriage over quickly, so this is a way that they can drag it on. Sometimes, a narcissistic ex will assume that the financial blow of dragging the divorce on will encourage you to give in to their demands.

During the divorce, your ex is going to watch how you react to what they do. They do this to try to gain power, so it’s likely best to just allow all communication to go through your attorney. You’ll have the opportunity to control what information is being passed to your ex if your lawyer handles this.

Even though it’s rather difficult to handle, try not to let your ex’s antics get to you mentally or emotionally. Your entire goal right now should be protecting your interests and walking away from the marriage on the best footing possible.