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Is your ex trying to turn the kids against you during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Family Law |

One of the hardest parts of divorce is not getting to spend every day with your children. Even if you and your ex share custody, there may be days where you don’t see or speak to your children at all.

The changing dynamics of a family going through a divorce can be difficult enough for both the children and the parents, but when one adult tries to turn the children against the other, the effects can be devastating. What can you do if your ex who shares custody with you is trying to undermine your relationship with the children?

Start gathering evidence to show parental alienation

When one parent intentionally disrupts or undermines the relationship of the other parent with the children, they engage in parental alienation. Alienation attempts could involve denying you visitation. Other times, alienation might look like your ex talking badly about you to the children all the time.

From complaining about unpaid child support to giving the kids a lecture about all of your perceived failings during the marriage, there are many things that an unhappy ex might do that could damage your relationship with the children and how they view you.

Documenting what your kids say to you as well as denied visitation requests can make it easier for you and your attorney to show that your ex has intentionally attempted to interfere in your relationship with the children. Such actions put personal grudges ahead of the best interest of the children and can influence the courts to side with the parent facing alienation from their children.