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Child custody solutions: Is parallel parenting a good option?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Family Law |

Here is a child custody scenario: You are divorcing your co-parent and working to create a parenting plan that takes everyone’s needs into account. Unfortunately, your ex refuses to cooperate and is combative anytime you try to have a civil discussion. How will you ever reach an agreement when you cannot communicate without conflict or hostility?

In situations like the one above, constant conflict between parents can drag child custody matters out for a long time. You do not want this, and chances are your ex does not want this either. Emotions are often so powerful in an Oklahoma divorce that they can overcome good sense as well as the desire for resolution.

Parallel parenting might work for your child custody needs

In parallel parenting, both the mother and the father disconnect from one another. Limiting direct contact — at least initially — can reduce conflict. Instead of co-parenting together, parallel parenting is more like both parents rear their kids alongside each other. Both parents then contribute in their way.

One of the most important parts of this method is letting go of any expectations you might have about creating a traditional child custody plan. Often, this means allowing the other parent to rear the kids as they see fit (as long as the children are safe) when it is their time with them.

Parallel parenting plans work better than you might think because they do not subject children to the harmful effects of constant parental conflict. They can also bring emotional relief to both parents when they no longer must deal with their ex.

As you might imagine, parallel parenting is not ideal for every situation. If it sounds like a good solution for your family, consider speaking with an attorney for guidance. Even if it turns out that this method is not for you, having discussions like this with a compassionate lawyer can open the door to other solutions that will better meet your needs.