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Whom should you tell you are getting a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Family Law |

How you feel about your upcoming divorce may determine whom you want to tell. While keeping it all to yourself could be harmful, so could giving too much information to too many people.

One area to take care of is social media. Anything you post on social media can travel far in seconds. Once posted, it can remain online forever. If a judge considers you are spiteful toward your spouse, it could harm your chances of getting the outcome you need.

Divorce is challenging, and people are willing to help you through it

You might think you need to put on a brave face. Or that plenty of other people have divorced, so you should not make a big deal of it. Yet this is rarely best. Here are some people you should consider telling:

  • Tell your support crew: Divorce is easier to cope with when you have a few good friends or family members to help. They may be afraid to say much until you ask them for help.
  • Tell your kids: Be careful with whom you discuss your divorce before you talk about it to your children. Ensure they do not overhear you talking about it on the phone or find out about it from someone at school who overheard their parent discussing it.
  • Consider telling your boss: You might think your personal life has nothing to do with your work. Yet divorce will affect your time and emotions in ways that you might not realize. You might think you are holding it together, but your boss may feel your work is below par and wonder why. Explaining you are going through a tough time allows your boss to understand and help you where they can.

You also need to consider what you share. You might have details about your spouse’s behavior during your marriage. Tell them to your attorney, and they can advise if you can use the details to your advantage or if you are best forgetting them and moving on.