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Getting an Oklahoma divorce on your timetable

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Family Law |

You may have heard that January is the so-called “divorce month” because many people begin the process once the holidays are over at the start of a new year. It is hard to accept the notion that divorce is seasonal, but it certainly looks that way.

January divorce rates tend to rise slightly more than in other months. However, March, August and September are also popular months to file for a divorce in many regions.

Does the month you divorce matter?

Oklahoma couples with children may have reason to plan a divorce according to the time of the year. For example, waiting until the end-of-year holidays have passed may make divorce easier on kids. Many parents also feel it is better to divorce after the school year ends when kids are home for the summer.

For some people who may intend to file for divorce at the beginning of the year, it can be March before they actually getting to the point of filing the paperwork.

Finally, state divorce laws can also play a role in national statistics. For example, some states require a residency period in the state and/or a waiting period before a divorce becomes final.

If someone in a waiting period region files the papers in January, the divorce might not be complete for however long the period requires. You may be interested to know that in Oklahoma, there generally no waiting period.

Your divorce should meet your needs

If you are miserable in a marriage, when you file for divorce makes little difference. What matters is finding the strength to divorce and then making it happen as quickly as possible. We recommend learning more about state divorce laws before you file your petition.