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Oklahoma man will undoubtedly want to defend against DUI charge

Accusations of driving while intoxicated have the potential of affecting a person's life for a long time. Of course, simply being accused does not mean that a person is guilty. Anyone facing a DUI charge has the opportunity to defend against the accusations in efforts to work toward a favorable result.

Car chase leaves Oklahoma man in need of criminal defense

The manner in which a person chooses to handle criminal charges can depend on many factors. Because no two cases are alike, even individuals in similar situations can have vastly different criminal defense options available to them. For this reason, it is wise for any accused person to closely assess his or her options before making any decisions.

Drunk driving charge results from pedestrian accident

Some mistakes stay with people for a long time. They may think about their actions and feel immense regret, but in some cases, they may have a lot more than regret to deal with. For instance, if a person is involved in a drunk driving accident that causes harm to another person, criminal charges are likely.

Man, woman facing drug charges after Oklahoma traffic stop

Finding the best way to handle trouble relating to criminal activity can be challenging. If individuals are facing drug charges, they may worry that they will not come out of the situation in a favorable light. Fortunately, anyone charged with any type of crime has the ability to defend against those allegations.

Drunk driving charges leveled against wrong-way driver

Consuming alcohol is an activity that many people participate in. Some may only have one or two drinks while socializing with friends, and others may drink more regularly. Of course, anyone could end up facing charges for drunk driving if an officer conducts a traffic stop and believes that a driver is impaired.

Oklahoma man facing murder accusation after woman's death

Facing an accusation for a serious crime can mean that a person's life will revolve around almost nothing but that accusation. An individual may be held in custody, face formal charges and have to go through a trial in order to address the allegations brought against him or her. Cases of murder are among the most serious that can take place.

Woman likely preparing criminal defense after arrest

It is common for heated situations to escalate. Some people may feel as if they need to take drastic actions when their emotions are running high, but unfortunately, not fully thinking through those actions may leave those individuals facing serious consequences, like criminal charges. Of course, with any type of formal allegation, parties have the right to a criminal defense.

When a holiday shopping trip leads to shoplifting charges

Over this upcoming Black Friday and the rest of the holiday shopping season, many people here in Oklahoma will be coming home with great deals. However, if a person is accused of shoplifting during his or her holiday shopping, he or she could instead be coming home with something that could have major negative impacts on his or her life: A criminal charge.

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