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Have You Been Charged With A Violent Crime? You Are Not Alone.

With nearly two decades of experience and 4,000 felony criminal cases in Oklahoma, attorney Elton Jenkins has what it takes to wage an aggressive defense when challenging homicide charges. Our office is known for taking on tough and complex cases that other lawyers may shy away from.

If you have been charged with homicide, it is critical that you do not lose hope for your future. There are options to move forward and, together, we can help you to take control of your case and protect your name.

An Overview Of The Penalties

Every homicide case is different, and sentences are determined based on the charge, facts of your case and any prior criminal history. In general, homicide sentences can include:

  • First-degree murder — Life with or without the possibility of parole or capital punishment
  • Second-degree murder 10 years to life in prison with the possibility of parole
  • First-degree manslaughter — Four years to life in prison with the possibility of parole
  • Second-degree manslaughter — Two to four years in prison
  • Negligent homicide — 12 months in jail, a $1,000 fine, driver’s license revocation and/or a defensive driver course

What Are Defenses To A Homicide Charge?

There are a variety of defenses that can be raised to obtain reduced charges, penalties and case dismissals in homicide cases such as:

  • Self-defense
  • Defense of another person
  • Insanity
  • An accident
  • Duress

Just because you have been charged with a violent crime does not mean that you will be found guilty of that crime. From day one, we will launch an extensive investigation into your case. We will gather evidence, interview eyewitnesses and hire experts to create a bulletproof defense. However, if you are found guilty, our office will continue to fight to lessen your sentence.

Contact Elton Jenkins Law, P.L.L.C., To Protect Your Rights

Homicide convictions can forever alter the course of your life. Do not take any chances when seeking legal advice. Request a free consultation at our Norman office by calling 405-928-8708 or completing our online appointment request form today.