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November 11, 2021

Norman attorney charged in domestic abuse case  | Oklahoma | normantranscript.com

Norman attorney Duane Shiffler Croft will soon find himself in court in the role of defendant.

On Wednesday, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn filed a felony and two misdemeanor charges against Croft: domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, interrupting an emergency telephone call, and threatening to perform an act of violence. According to a Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, a woman claimed Croft assaulted her with a frying pan.

The alleged victim told deputies when she got out of bed on April 10, Croft started to yell and curse at her. At some point during the confrontation, she said Croft grabbed a frying pan, struck her on the head, and shoved her to the ground. Deputies observed the woman had bruises on her right leg, as well as redness on the left side of her head.

Oklahoma court records reveal that Croft, 61, also has an ongoing misdemeanor domestic abuse case against him. The alleged victim in the most recent case is also the complaining party in the previous misdemeanor case filed in November.

Norman attorney Elton Jenkins confirmed he is representing Croft in the misdemeanor case, but not the felony case.

There are conflicting reports concerning the relationship between Croft and the woman. In the new felony case, the woman is identified as Croft’s wife, but in the former misdemeanor case she is labeled as his “live-in girlfriend.”

Jenkins said in order for someone to be convicted of domestic abuse the parties involved have to be in a dating relationship, married, sharing a child, etc. “The state will have to prove every element including the relationship, and they have yet to prove that yet,” Jenkins said.

Court records also reveal an emergency protective order was issued against Croft. That order will be in place until the woman’s petition is heard by Special District Judge Jequita H. Napoli on April 23. The woman states in the petition that she has been in a relationship with Croft since 2010. During that time, she claims that she’s had to call the police three times.

“I am very afraid for the safety of my dogs and myself,” the petition read.

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