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Why You Need A Trial Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in Oklahoma, do you want a lawyer who simply accepts the prosecutor's first plea offer? Or do you want a lawyer who carefully examines your case and fights to protect your rights?

At Elton Jenkins, Attorney at Law, you will work with an experienced trial lawyer who is not afraid of a fight. Not every case goes to trial, but you want a lawyer who prepares for trial. Prosecutors know attorney Jenkins' reputation as a trial attorney, which often results in better plea deals.

Every case is different; you should discuss yours with an attorney as soon as possible. Call our Norman office today at 405-928-8708 or email us for a free consultation.

Taking The Tough Criminal Cases

We are prepared to help you fight misdemeanor or felony charges ranging from drunk driving and drug trafficking to rape and murder. Elton Jenkins has 17 years of experience in criminal law, representing thousands of clients during his career. You can be sure he understands your concerns and knows how to stand up for your rights, no matter how serious the charge.

Also Experienced In Family Law And Personal Injury

In addition to criminal defense, we can help you with family law issues such as divorce, custody and child support. We also represent people who are injured in car accidents, falls and other acts of negligence.

Our attorney and staff understand that the outcome of a family law matter, injury claim or criminal case can affect the rest of your life. We work together to provide individualized representation that makes the process easier for clients.


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