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We offer a wide variety of services relating to family law. This page provides more information on those said services. Let us help you today!

01. Divorce

Often, Dissolution of Marriage in Oklahoma is no-fault for both parties. If you elect for a fault-based divorce, there are many factors like adultery, impotency, fraudulent contract, etc. Call now and we will handle either case!

02. Asset & Property Division

Oklahoma follows is an Equitable Distribution state. This means that marital property must be divided equitably, or fairly, either through a joint agreement by both spouses or by the court. Fair does not mean equal – the distribution of property could be far from 50-50. We can help with this.

03. Adoptions

Adoption is a legal process that permanently places a child with a family that has legally and emotionally accepted the child as their own. In Oklahoma, single or married persons over the age of 21 can adopt a child. Keep in mind, adoption is very difficult which means an attorney is necessary. We can do it.

06. Paternity

Oklahoma celebrates and honors the marriage relationship by, among other things, creating a “presumption of paternity” for husbands when their wives have babies. When a baby is born to a married couple, the husband is automatically deemed to be the legal father. The baby receives all the benefits as any father’s baby.

04. Child Support & Alimony

There are many factors in determining support. Oftentimes it boils down to how long the child stays with each parent, income, benefits, etc. If you would like to maximize or minimize this, call us now!

05. Custody & Visitation

There are a few different types of custody, but the most common is Joint Custody. This refers to sharing said child(s) in all or some of the aspects of physical and legal care, custody, and control of their children. We can do it!

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We understand that marriages don’t work out sometimes. Whether you have children or not, we will preform to our upmost best to provide the best possible outcome for you. Do you wish to pay less support or receive more? Our firm is and expert on both sides of this and will fight for what you deserve.


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A Team Of Professionals

Elton New Headshot

Elton Jenkins

Lead Criminal Defense Attorney
elton@eltonjenkinslaw.com | (405) 217-3623

Elton Jenkins, founder of Elton Jenkins Law, P.L.L.C., is a criminal defense attorney that has practiced law in Oklahoma for over 20 years. He has had over 4,000 felony cases, with the majority of them having successful outcomes.

Eric Kroier

Lead Family Law Attorney
eric@eltonjenkinslaw.com | (405) 217-3623

Eric Kroier, one of our attornies, specializes in family law matters. Eric is experienced with a variety of family law matters and is able to assist with adoption, guardianship, and even dissolution of marriage. Eric can also help you and your family plan their gifts, wills, and trusts.



What We Do Best

Modify Child Support

We will formally arraign and stuff

Modify Spousal SUPPORT

We can motion to accelerate and stuff

Swift proceedings

We preform trials and what not

Disolution of Marraige

We can also motion to revoke and etc

Assets & Property

We can help you with the division of assets and property with you and your ex.

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