Child Support & Alimony

More information on specifics of Child Support & Alimony.
 I. How is child support determined in Oklahoma?

Unless the parents have approximately equal custody time with the children and make roughly the same amount of money, one parent will normally pay child support to the other. The parent who does not have the children most of the time generally pays support to the parent who has more custody time.

Child support guidelines help parents determine how much support they will pay or receive. The guidelines in states are based on the parents’ gross or net incomes and takes many different factors into account, such as the day care and medical costs.

Parents must often provide tax records and payroll stubs in order to correctly calculate the amount.


II. How is alimony determined?

When dealing with spousal support (also known as alimony), the court takes a variety of factors into consideration. Whether you are the one receiving or paying spousal support, our law firm will work diligently to ensure that your best interests are represented. Additionally, we can help you modify the amount of spousal support when necessary.


III. Contempt, Child Support Enforcement and Modifications

Child support orders can be modified when circumstances change substantially. When the noncustodial parent fails to live up to his or her child support obligation, child support orders can also be enforced through contempt of court, sums due and owing motions or the child support enforcement through the state. If you would like a child support order changed or enforced, talking to a child support enforcement attorney can help you understand your options. In addition, our firm can assist you in filing a petition for review.